You'll find that here are links to colleagues and other societies that we trust and / or are associated with, along with some links to websites that accumulate information upon haunted locations in the USA and even around the world.  We do NOT endorse any of the equipment or products that all of these fine folks have.  But, people in our crew have dealt individually with these suppliers and have found them to be reliable and on the up and up as business people.  If you represent a trusted paranormal organization and wish to trade links, please give our webmaster an email using the button below and he will review your request and act upon it.

Crystal Blue - Books, incense, crystals, gems, metaphysical supplies!

Forever And A Day New Age Emporium

Huff Paranormal - Maker of the Wonder Box

National Paranormal Society (We aren't members yet, but this is a fine research group)

Renowned psychic medium and Pulitzer prize nominee Reese Christian!

Digital Dowsing Direct Retail Store - Suppliers for the Ghost Adventures Crew

Ghost Hunters Outlet Store - a weath of info on addresses in the US

Paratronics Ghost Hunting Gear - these guys are GREAT at modding cameras

Vortex Ghost Gear - Custom made gear as you want it!

Want us to feature your site?

If you have a trusted and established paranormal team, with references, or have a business that caters to the metaphysical and / or paranormal community, we'll be happy to review it for inclusion!