Need to know more about what some paranormal terminology means? This is your source. Just search your term as in a normal Wikipedia site.

Hunt Basics

Want to hunt? We recommend that you get proper training. It's no walk in the cemetery!  But be sure to follow these MINIMUM guidelines.

Ghost / Spirit

There is a difference.  The first is residual and unintelligent.  The second is intelligent and is capable of direct interaction.  Want more information?

Lunar Cycles

The moon has a sometimes subtle, sometimes dramatic, effect on paranormal activity levels.  Without a doubt, it can help to see on those outdoor investigations, but it can be a hindrance as spirits generally prefer less light.

Solar / X-Ray / Geomagnetics

Like the moon, solar activity can have minimal, or a huge effect, as well.  Just wait until you get to the chance to investigate during a Class X Geomagnetic Storm!

Current NOAA Lunar and Solar Information

Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:

Questions...or need to contact us?

If there's a paranormal question that you couldn't answer here, or the answer that you've found is disturbing, please contact us.