Need to know more about what some paranormal terminology means?  This is your source.  This is an EXTENSIVE encyclopedia of terms related to the paranormal, parapsychology, occultism, demonology, supernatural, and even some cryptozoology.  Written by J. Gordon Melton, and available from the web in PDF form, there are two volumes.  Volume 1 is A-L.  Volume 2 is M-Z.  This is probably the largest repository of terminology available today.  Each volume is close to 1000 pages and it may take some patience to find what you're looking for just due to the sheer size of the publications.  Choosing one of the photo links will open the volume of your choice in your installed PDF client.

Volume 1 (A-L)
Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology Vol. 2
Volume 2 (M-Z)

Hunt Basics

Want to hunt? We recommend that you get proper training. It's no walk in the cemetery!  But be sure to follow these MINIMUM guidelines.

Ghost / Spirit

There is a difference.  The first is residual and unintelligent.  The second is intelligent and is capable of direct interaction.  Want more information?

Lunar Cycles

The moon has a sometimes subtle, sometimes dramatic, effect on paranormal activity levels.  Without a doubt, it can help to see on those outdoor investigations, but it can be a hindrance as spirits generally prefer less light.

Solar / X-Ray / Geomagnetics

Like the moon, solar activity can have minimal, or a huge effect, as well.  Just wait until you get to the chance to investigate during a Class X Geomagnetic Storm!

Current NOAA Lunar and Solar Information

Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:
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