This is a summary of the equipment that we have available to perform investigations.  Some of it is quite mundane, while other items are more specific to the paranormal field.  Quite a few have been commonly used in other professions.  The home inspector that we have on the team uses a lot of these items on his day job.  The most important equipment that we bring is our 5 senses, but the rest of these items can certainly be of assistance in a pinch.  You may also notice that we are making extensive use of apps for Android, IOS, and Windows.  These apps are available for many, but to know how to use them is more important than having the app itself.  We have standing relationships with several developers and some of our team members' input was crucial in their development, so we are very familiar with how they should be used.



Apparition Mapping Camera (AMCAM)

Audacity EVP Software

Blue Sage


Carbon Monoxide Meter


Control Objects


Digital Audio Recorders

Digital Cameras - Standard

Digital Cameras - Nightshot

Digital Cameras - Full Spectrum

Digital IR Thermometer

Digital Multimeter

Digital Probe Thermometer

Digital Voice Recorder

DVR System (up to 8 cameras)

Electrical Circuit Testers

Electromagnetic Pumps

Extech EMF Meter

Geophone App

Ghost Box (Our own customized)

Ghost Meter Pro EMF Meter

GoPro Action Camera - Standard

GoPro Action Camera - Full Spectrum

Holy Items

Infrared Panel Lighting System

ITC Apps

K2 EMF Meter


Laser Grid Generator (StarShower)

LED Flashlights (UV and Standard)


Motion Sensors

Moisture / Humidity Meter

NCH WavePad Sound Editor App


Palo Santo Wood for Purification


Phantom Lite Full Spec 30 LED Illuminator

Phantom Lite Infrared 50 LED Flood Light

Phyphox Geomagnetometer App

Portal Box (Ghost Box, Spirit Box ) ITC Device

Power Inverter (Locations without Power)

P-SB7 Spirit Box


Smudging Bowl with Wooden Stand

Strobe Lights

Sweetgrass for Energy Neutralization

Talcum Powder


TIF 8800X Gas Detector


Trifield Natural EMF Meter (DC EMF)

Two Way Radios

UV Area Lighting

UV Flashlight

Video Camera - Standard

Video Camera - Nightshot

Video Camera - Full Spectrum

White Sage