rencontre sex gratuit en mayenne Krasnokamensk USS Yorktown - Mount Pleasant, SC - Feb 13-14, 2013

This Essex class carrier has been a treasure trove of paranormal activity for years.  Rumors are that unexplained sightings have been reported by the museum staff, museum visitors, and even police officers.  Some of these were apparitions that were so clear that they were easily identified as former crew members. There has been activity all over the ship—on the hangar deck, the flight deck, the engine rooms, the restrooms, the officers’ staterooms, even the weapons locker area. Some 141 men lost their lives on the USS Yorktown, and a few are still hanging around.

It did not disappoint our lone investigator!  He managed to collect positive EVP evidence in the Smokey Stover Theater and also photo evidence below deck in the mid-ship area, even though actually there for a Scout outing with his young son and was just investigating an hour or so each night.  He may have even gotten a picture of the CV-10's most famous ghost, Smokey Stover himself! See our Photo and EVP pages!

Gaither Plantation - Covington GA - Dec 3-4, 2016

Full bodied apparitions, light anomalies, disembodied voices, unexplained knocks and other sounds have been reported from this antebellum plantation built in the 1850s located in rural Newton County.  The most likely spirits to reside here are W.H. Gaither and his wife Cecilia, along with an angry parson who murdered his own wife, some Confederate soldiers, and some past victims of slavery.  We honestly believe that there are many more!  Just that number of entities alone could not account for the amount of activity that we experienced in 5 different buildings on the property.  We didn't even get a chance to visit the cemetery on site, both due to the weather and other activity that we were documenting.  As a "thank you" to the Newton County management of this property, we'll let everyone know that they have it open to investigations.  To get the ball rolling for your team, call them at (770) 784-2125.

The Garden of Pestilence - Fairburn GA - Jan 21-22, 2017

Deep in the woods in a forlorn part of Fulton county, lies a small family cemetery that traces its beginnings back to the Cholera Pandemic of the early 1830s, when 5 family members were laid to rest in just a matter of weeks. Further burials were conducted up to the 1950s, resulting in just under 2 dozen known graves.  Lying on a former plantation, this cemetery has been rumored for many years to have hosted full-bodied apparitions, odd lights, strange cloaked figures, vandalism and desecration to graves, satanic rituals, and even purported UFO activity.  A cool rainy night revealed that there is more than meets the eye at this now lonely place of rest. Namely, that rest is still an unfulfilled hope for some of its occupants!  Due to inclement weather heading our way and a psychic attack on one of our team members, the investigation was cut short.  But we won't be deterred.  We'll be back.  Keep an eye out for further updates on this site as there are future plans for further investigation here.

Sherman's Ground Zero - Kingston GA - Feb 4-5, 2017

This small northwest Georgia town was once a major railroad hub, but with the passing of the rails as a means of passenger transport. the boom faded and it is now just a shadow of its past grandeur.  Past events have changed the energy of this once sleepy town.  The Cherokee Indian removal left many native souls crying for justice. Union and Confederate cavalries clashed 8 different times in the area.  The rail yards here played a roll in the Great Locomotive Chase.  And, as the case name implies, it was the beginning of General Sherman's March to the Sea, which effectively ended the war.  We investigated at a private residence at the outskirts of town, which was also the sight of a Union army encampment. Reports have been made of shadows, light anomalies, footsteps, object manipulation, and pet responses to spirits.  We had some long conversations with entities using the Wonder Box while investigating.

Mischief on Main Street - Lilburn GA - Mar 4-5, 2017

This is a retail store and entertainment venue that dates to the late 1800s.  Reports of full-bodied apparitions, music coming from an attic, object manipulation, and emotional responses from those with psychic gifts while at the property.  Activity has been noted both indoors and at outbuildings on the property.  We actually put on a jam session for the spirits while here for which they expressed their appreciation to us on the Wonder Box.

Return to the Garden of Pestilence - April 8-9, 2017

We returned to this isolated location one more time to attempt to contact the spirits located there. We were going to ask them what they desired to be at peace, but on this night in question, they were mysteriously quiet.  Our plans for the future involve a return to have the grounds blessed and to erect a security fence around the cemetery to prevent further vandalism.

Old South Pittsburg Hospital - South Pittsburg TN - June 4-5, 2017

Full background and claim information can be found here.

The Rock House - Thomson GA - July 1-2, 2017

The Rock House has been generally thought to have been built around 1785, although recent evidence suggests that it may have been constructed as early as the 1750s. It is considered to be the oldest stone residence in Georgia. The design and construction are typical of the Delaware Valley area of New Jersey, which is from where the initial residents of the area (then known as Wrightsboro) migrated. The home was owned and built by Thomas Ansley. Ansley (who was an ancestor of former President Jimmy Carter) lived in the house with his family until his death in 1809, leaving an estate of four houses and eight slaves. The Rock House is the only remaining portion of that estate. The house was used as a residence at all times up until the 1930s. Its ownership was deeded to the Wrightsboro Quaker Foundation, and it is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The house is rumored to be haunted by his daughter Michelle Ansley. Reports of activity have included window tapping, objects being thrown, bells ringing, voices, and footsteps.

My Old Buddy's - Albertville AL - August 5-6, 2017

We got called in by a major retailer to investigate claims of odd phenomena showing up on store security cameras, breakage of merchandise with no apparent cause, unexplained noises and crashes.  This location has suffered much devastation from 2 past incidents of highly destructive tornadoes where many were killed and injured.  Despite our best efforts and what was an interesting ITC session, this was one of those cases where it just wasn't happening.  Nothing paranormal was found here, but we did get some good training in.  It happens, in spite of what the TV teams present to the public.

I'm Pickin' Up Bad Vibrations - Lilburn GA - September 7 & 9, 2017

Another call from a local resident resulted in the team making two trips to the home.  Reports were of object manipulation, unexplained noises and voices, and electronic manipulation.  After extensive evaluation by the team, we determined that recent objects acquired by the owner were likely the subject of an attachment, and the items in question were removed from the home by the owner.

Stone Mountain Cemetery Entrance

Stone Mountain Cemetery Entrance

Stone Mountain Cemetery - Stone Mountain GA - September 23-24, 2017

We visit the final resting place of many Confederate dead, 19th-century granite cutters, settlers, farmers, and some notable citizens who were also Klan members.  Quite a few of the Southern soldiers buried here were unknown and buried in mass graves following the Battle of Atlanta.  Many of the soldiers who died nearby were treated in field hospitals at the buildings now known as the Sycamore Inn and the Village Inn Bed & Breakfast.  As a matter of fact, the builders of these two venerable Antebellum homes are buried here as well!  Locally known ITC specialist Philip R. Wyatt joined us for an evening of note, as we walked this ancient cemetery from end to end.  The grounds are known for shadow figures, apparitions, disembodied voices, and strange light anomalies, many of which were vouched for by the city policeman who stopped by as we were investigating.

Hales Bar Dam - Guild TN - October 6-7, 2017

Hales Bar Dam

Hales Bar Dam

Another location that has been extensively investigated by teams from around the country (including several para-documentary programs), Hales Bar may be a vortex of spiritual activity dating back to the aboriginal native Americans who had once settled here.  If it's a paranormal manifestation claim somewhere, it's probably been associated with this property as well.  We got the run of the property during a private investigation.  It's decrepit, it's dark, and it's so empty that your footsteps echo throughout the buildings, always leading you to believe that there is SOMETHING just behind you.  That's not even taking into account the tales of the whirlpools that are attributed to the deep, dark, and cold waters outside, which the natives claimed would suck the souls of their ancestors into its depths.  The history of deaths associated with the dam is long and extensive.  Hundreds of men and even some children died there both during its construction and its operation.  There was plenty of opportunity for accidents like that as the dam was unstable from the very first attempts to construct it and because families lived most of their lives within it, having company stores and schools, along with housing, right on site.  There's also an early settlers cemetery of significant size which still lies below the murky waters.  And don't forget that the local natives were forcibly removed from the land.  Yes, quite a mix to create some vengeful spirits!

Return to Gaither Plantation

The scene of our first investigation as a team has beckoned us back home.  This time we concentrated more heavily on the chapel in order to get under the parson's undead skin.  While we generally do not like to provoke, this angry spirit seems to respond best to it, and the gloves were off.

Santería's Coming to Town - Woodstock GA - December 9-10, 2017

Another call from a local resident brought us to NW Atlanta.  An older apartment community greeted us with claims of unexplained noises and knocks, voices being heard, shadow figures and feelings of oppression to the inhabitants.  This was a family with cultural influence from the Caribbean and a family member that may have brought some uninvited guests when staying with them for a brief period.  All of the ITC sessions and EVPs that we collected pointed to some objects that may have been left there that had a spiritual connection.  We searched the building for the items in question with no success.  After a house cleansing, we advised the clients that they would need to find a specialist who can help to locate the objects and to give a more permanent solution to the haunting.

Santería At The North Palo - Lawrenceville GA - January 20-21, 2018

Yet again another call from a Latin American family in NE Atlanta brought us to a home which has had claims of symbols, hand prints, and faces appearing on walls, voices, unexplained noises, along with children and pets being bothered in horrific ways.  While little positive photographic or video evidence was to be found, again ITC sessions were the order of the day and we achieved some communication.  While most of the details are private, we did have to advise the family that they likely had a member with a physical attachment and that serious lifestyle choices would need to be made to deal with this apparently malevolent entity.  They moved from the home a few weeks later.

Oakland Plantation Inn - Warm Springs GA - March 3-4, 2018

By Saverivers - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

This is a former bed and breakfast in Meriwether County that has been vacant for a couple of decades.  Reports consist of full-bodied apparitions, including from local law enforcement.  Disembodied voices were being heard by previous investigators.  A lady phantom appears on the balcony over the front door.  A chandelier moves on its own.  Visitors being scratched and poked.  An unseasonably cold evening of freezing temperatures forced us to cut our investigation short in spite of EMF activity that was all over the place and ITC sessions that were quite lively.  In the immortal words of Arnold "I'll be back!".

Return to Oakland Plantation Inn - Warm Springs GA - April 7-8, 2018

By Saverivers - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

We returned to answer the questions that the team had.  What's with the EMF spikes that were recorded all night long and as if they were intelligent responses during our last visit?  We answered the first part, but not the second.  Using some higher-end applications and equipment that measure the actual geomagnetic activity of an area, we discovered that the entire grounds surrounding the home were fluctuating wildly, probably due to volcanic action that creates the hot springs that the area is known for.   The evening was quiet compared to the last time, which now brings forth more questions.  Does this activity accentuate the paranormal phenomena?  And why was there such a variation of this phenomena over our previous investigation?  We may yet return to this location in search of the answers to these questions as well.

The Cabin in the Woods - Rome GA - July 7-8, 2018

A beautiful log cabin style hunting lodge in the north Georgia mountains should be a place for peace and tranquility, right?  Not in this case!  Yet another private case beckons our team with disembodied voices, shadow figures, object manipulation, child oppression, and physical illness thought to be a result of the entities in this home.  Our team spent the evening here scrutinizing this house from top to bottom.  Little was gotten in photo and video evidence, but ITC and EVP sessions provided what amounted to an overflow of spiritual traffic.  EMF hotspots that corresponded on multiple floors directly above and below one another seem to indicate a gateway exists here.  Consultation with our psychic mediums in our network brought back eerily similar answers as to what is haunting this once serene location.  This case had much fallout on us as a group as at least two of us were physically attached here.  One suffered physical problems for two weeks as a result and the other had such long term effects from the attachment that paranormal investigation is no longer an option.  These cases can be dangerous!  Native American influences are heavily at play here along with others.  We referred this couple to a shamanic healer in our network and in addition, a Reiki master will be needed to close this energy vortex that appears to exist.  Think of it as a train station for spirits, getting on and coming off!

Crime & Punishment Museum - Ashburn GA - August 4-5, 2018

Crime & Punishment Museum II - Ashburn GA - October 5-8, 2018

Behind Enemy Lines - Atlanta GA - November 3-4, 2018

So, out of the blue, we get an email asking if we would be interested in checking out the paranormal activity at what may be one the top five oldest homes in the entire Atlanta metropolitan area?  This home served as a command station for Union forces during the battle of Atlanta and purportedly had a field hospital nearby.  It was originally built as a log cabin, and now has finished walls that are almost 18 inches thick as the logs are still within them.  The claims involve full bodied apparitions, footsteps, unexplained noises, and extensive electrical disturbances.  Adding to the mix are the facts that:  1) There are many Civil War relics being found there and reports of a burial pit that was located at the hospital for disposal of amputated limbs.  2) There is an unexplained gravestone of a Civil War veteran on the patio with a last name that distantly ties in to the original residents.  The gravestone is a duplicate of an older one from a cemetery across Atlanta.  Odd!  Seriously, who wouldn't want to at least check that out?  The evening did prove to be a bit of a letdown, as very little activity was recorded.  BUT, we did get one bit of pertinent evidence.  A name - repeated three times over the course of the evening.  That name proved to be a possible link to the gravestone.  I'm afraid that this investigation left us with more questions than answers as the spirits here do not have a penchant for communication.  Further teams investigated after we did with the same conclusions.  Spirits?...yes.  Talking?...not so much.

Pachperwa rencontre lavrov en turquie DeSoto's Crossroads - Hawkinsville GA - November 10, 2018

A late night call to our Google Voice number started this mess up!  Yes, I did say mess.  Imagine an 1890s home, still occupied by a descendant of the builder, located not far from the ancient Hitchiti native American capital of Ocute.  This area was an encampment for DeSoto and his men, along with a frontier stockade named Fort Hartford.  It also is the site of several burial mounds, one of which was accidentally uncovered while development of a neighboring property was in progress.  Many tons of dirt and sand had been removed before the ensuing remains were discovered, likely resulting in their dispersal throughout the area with no means of recovering them.  An old pioneer cemetery which has supposedly been relocated was also on the property.  There were entire human skeletal bones sticking out of the ground!  There also were bone shards spread throughout the property as evidenced through UV lighting!  The disturbances of graves here has been going on for over a century.  Odd noises, shadow figures, pets and children watching empty areas and responding, electrical disturbances, and footsteps are just a few of the phenomena reported by the residents.  Wild EMF fluxes were encountered throughout the property.  One investigator observed dark masses moving at the mound while observing from the home.  ITC sessions had many native American sounding words popping in them.  A live session resulted in another investigator getting physically ill, throwing up blood after handling some of the remains (against advice, might I say).  We believe that an ancient spirit known as a Watcher is overseeing this area.  We also have once again found evidence that a portal of some type exists here.  This property needs that the remains be re-interred and a Reiki master should be consulted to balance any remaining energies.  All care should be taken here to appease any angry spirits.

Chattahoochie Memories - Sandy Springs GA - December 15, 2018

We seem to have a common theme appearing in recent investigations - native Americans and burial mounds.  A call from a resident over long term activity and the revealing by her of the history of the property where her home is located indicates that it is built on a mound.  This has been confirmed by the local historical society.  At least no bones were found on this investigation!  Claims include odd noises, alarm system malfunctions that don't seem to be possible, objects being moved or dropped, and even a very shocking case of a family pet being hung from the deck in another highly unlikely incident.  Energy fluxes in one area of the home seem to be indicative that many spirits are making there way through the area.  A theory is beginning to build.  When certain native American rituals are performed at burial sites, was the intent fo actually open permanent portals so that the spirits may move on?  In doing so, do they also allow others to come back and do as they wish?   It certainly is starting to look like it.  Again, networking with a colleague that is well versed in portals and native American activity has confirmed our suspicions.

Incarcerated Souls - Stockbridge GA - January 12-13, 2019

rencontre amicale femme St rencontre trans trav lyon Rolla . James Hotel - Selma AL - Future

Whispers Estate - Mitchell IN - Future

Hell Hole (Battle of New Hope Church) - Dallas GA - Future

Saint Simon's Island Lighthouse - Saint Simon's Island, GA - Future

The St. Simons Island Lighthouse, built in 1872, has a resident working spirit. In  1880, the light-keeper Frederick Osborne was shot and killed during a duel by his assistant, John Stephens.  Mr. Osborne was rumored to be a harsh taskmaster and had spoken insultingly to his assistant's wife in events leading up to the killing.  After testimony of the incident was given in court, the assistant was acquitted of the murder.  According to others, Osborne was so mean that after death, his spirit passed several years mistreating the Stephens' dog.  The paranormal events that followed are illustrated in a story dating back to 1908, that a later light-keeper's wife had been having trouble with the light mechanism while her husband was away.  She recalled a story that had been passed down about Osborne telling his wife that he would always be there to help if anything ever happened to him.  Unable to get the light to work, she called out to the spirit of Mr. Osborne in frustration, and soon saw his figure working on the machinery.  She fainted, and upon awakening, saw that the light was working again.  The ghost has been seen and his footsteps have been heard many times, making sure that his former home and workplace is in order.  A young woman also has committed suicide there, jumping from the top of the lighthouse in 1999.   meetic france gratuit NOTE:  As much as we would love getting in here, the lighthouse is no longer available for private investigation bookings at this time.  Sources tell us that this may be due to the actions of another paranormal team while on the premises.  Thanks for all the help guys!

Village Inn Bed & Breakfast - Stone Mountain GA - Future

Once used as a Civil War hospital, this 1820s era residence now turned hotel is the site of many strange events. Folks have witnessed apparitions, including that of a young boy and an African-American man that sings or whistles, and heard the unexplained sounds of footsteps, slamming doors, Morse code and shadow figures roaming about the building.

Heritage Hall - Madison GA - Future

This 1811 home is the home of the Morgan County Historical Society and is also used as a museum of Antebellum artifacts to this day.  It is thought to be the home of the ghost of Virginia Nisbet, whose father, Dr. Elijah Evans Jones, purchased the home in 1830.  She is recorded to have died during childbirth in one of the upper bedrooms, along with her newborn in 1851.  Visitors have reported seeing her ghost lying upon the bed.  There is also an etching in the stone of the fireplace nearby that is believed to be of her, holding her baby.  Numerous attempts to remove the etching over many years have resulted in its return each time.  A mirror has been reported to have flown off of a wall where it was hanging, and the apparition of a woman, perhaps Virginia as well, has been seen at the top of the stairs.  She has also been reported to have lovingly rubbed the shoulders of a male visitor on at least one occasion in her room.  Children's laughter has been heard at times in the home when none were present.  The ghost of a subsequent inhabitant known as Aunt Susie, of the Monahan family, has also been reported.  While the Monahans were living there, it is reported that the spiritual residents once warned them of an impending furnace fire that probably saved everyone's lives.  Laundry has also been found to be folded neatly on its own.

Taylor Memorial Hospital - Hawkinsville GA - Future

Also known as the Old Hawkinsville State Hospital, this facility opened in 1937 and closed 40 years later when the new facility was built.  Located directly on the capital of the former Creek Indian Confederacy after the lands were acquired by the US government at the turn of the 19th century, it has seen a large number of lives both brought into and also exiting the world in its history.  It was purchased by a developer with the intent of turning it into apartments, but those plans were abandoned when workers walked from the site due to the abundance of paranormal activity.  It has sat vacant since but has been investigated by a number of teams along with Chad Pennington and John E.L. Tunney of the former Ghost Stalkers reality show.  Reports include disembodied voices, shadow figures, unexplained noises and object manipulation.  NOTE:  This property has been redeveloped into multi-unit residential housing.  It will not be likely to be investigated anytime soon.  We'll keep hoping...

Scull Shoals Historic Mill Village - Greensboro GA - Future

A pioneer settlement in Greene County, it is now the site of a genuine ghost town that appears to have been built to support the workers of the mill, of which the ruins can still be found on the property.  It was the site of several Creek Indian raids on settlers in its early settlement history that resulted in the loss of life of the settlers.  Reports include direct voice phenomena, partial and full apparitions, sounds of drums, and previous positive EVP evidence has been gathered there.

McDonough Town Square and the Camp Creek Train Wreck of 1900 - McDonough GA - Future

A train wreck in 1900 at the trestle north of town is said to be the source of the haunts here. Many of the dead were brought here for identification and the survivors for medical treatment. Stories say that some of the dead remained on display in the town square for several weeks awaiting identification due to the difficulties in travel encountered in that time and also because there were only two small mortuaries in town. Locals have seen apparitions in several of the old buildings that line the square and the sounds of phantom trains have been heard.  Upon preliminary walk-through by our co-founder, the EMF meters were jumping off of the charts in spite of the fact that no power sources were found nearby.