Our Vision

https://infotuc.es/esminec/1779 We promise to investigate your case with an expedient and professional approach. We promise to share pertinent findings and evidence with you.  And we promise that we're not going to over-dramatize our findings.  Not all hauntings are malevolent in nature. We'll try to determine intentions and danger levels, if any, using our years of experience as a litmus test. We'll then point you to the best course of action for you and other affected family members.

Our Story

read here To be blunt, we've seen a lot of inconsistancy and lack of leadership in paranormal investigation groups.  We formed PRT to try to bring a little honesty and integrity back to the field.  After spending time with other teams, we struck out on our own to bring a fresh perspective on evidence presentation and client relationships.

Meet the Team

inwestowanie w opcje binarne forum PRT members take what we do very seriously.  The founders established the team after being involved with other groups whom either treated the field as a hobby or were overly dramatic about findings.  With PRT, you can rest assured that we will treat you with honesty and respect, that we will not over-sensationalize, nor will we under-estimate, any case that we are privileged to investigate.

Landon is a restaurant trainer for a major player in the industry. In his travels, he's constantly on the lookout for new sites for us to check out. He's been doing his own investigating for several years and is a real paranormal equipment junkie.  He was the original inspiration for PRT.

Jerry is a long time home inspector and is our first line debunker due to his background.  He's been interested in the paranormal for decades since living in a very active location while attending Indiana University. He became motivated to research in an organized group after a near death experience in 2010, when his experiences did not match those of many others whom have nearly crossed.

Erin Cohen

double dating advice Erin Cohen

Founding Member / Historian

Erin is a housewife with medical assisting and phlebotomy experience. She has been sensitive to the paranormal since the age of nine. She has been motivated to research the paranormal in an organized group for years to obtain proof of what she has been experiencing and to help anyone that may be remaining behind to move toward the light.

Sean Cohen

more information Sean Cohen

Founding Member / Chief Skeptic

Sean is another new entrant to the study of the paranormal. He's a furniture repair specialist and another tech junkie along with being a world class debunker.  He will sort through every possible scenario to debunk phenomena long before admitting that it could be a paranormal event.


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Next Steps...

If you have a paranormal problem, event, or even just a question about a possible haunt or location, feel free to confide in PRT.